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Monday, July 18, 2016

The "Summit" Railroad Station and More

 I was recently in Summit and took a picture of the neat little train depot there.
As I often do with my large pictures, I zoomed in on different parts to see what I could find.
Something was wrong with the location of the depot.

 A look from the overpass disclosed 2 sets of tracks diverging to the south 
from north of the depot.
The east side (left) would have gone under the depot.
I was off to Bing Maps to get the scoop.

Bing Maps claims this is a 2010 picture.
No depot.
The two diverging tracks are easily seen.
What was probably the actual depot area was on the west (left side) graveled area.

It is hard to say.  I'll guess it was on the west side.
It sure wasn't where it is now.

I ripped this off  You Tube movie shot.
You can see a rail oriented sign to the right.
The first 2 words are "All Aboard".
I suspect the little depot is now a business of some type, maybe a museum.
I should have investigated. You can see the town hall and police station, 
mentioned in the "Into Mississippi"  ride report to the left.

Mystery Solved.   CLICK HERE

I want you to know I followed that railroad for a great distance one afternoon. 
To find a LW depot is a major cut the grass for me.
Now, where is it from, Brookhaven? I'll have to check to see if the LW came there.
Always always yet another question.
Solved: It came from New Holmesville.
The LW never came to Brookhaven.

That made me th ink about the Liberty White RR.  From my old
map and place names, seen above,  I pieced together a rough map of the LWRR
so you can see where the it went and where the depot was located. (New Holmesville, spelled wrong on the map.  That would get comments. lol)

This  is how she went. Plus, you and I get to look at the Fernwood, also.  My guess, in gray above, was pretty off.

Charlie wrote this.  It cleans up the location of the actual Summit Depot
and ID's other points of interest.

  "The old Summit Depot was on the west side of the main line just north of Robb Street. The track on the west side was the house track that became Summit Woodyard. The switches have been taken out. The track where the depot is was known as "A" Spur. The depot was the Liberty White RR depot at Holmesville, MS. It was moved to Summit on two trucks and put back together and rebuilt".

Thanks for that, Charlie.

Now the next mystery.

Below Magnolia I had seen this place but not this well.
 It was obviously a rail facility.

 Looking from above I can see it was a large rail facility.

What's the word Thunderbird?

Below was the lowly Brookhaven Incinerator before Amtrak took it over.

 This is it now. Yes, the stack is still there.

From the Brookhaven scene, there exited another railroad going east (in yellow).
It will be a future mystery.

More later, but it's time to eat.

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